22.05 - 25.05.2023 10 showrooms in Flanders

A definite first for the industry

Flanders Flooring Days is a groundbreaking and exclusive event for the worldwide flooring industry. 4 days and 10+ showrooms will keep you on top of the flooring business!

10 leading partners

Flanders Flooring Days was devised by 10 of the world’s leading flooring manufacturers, which are all situated in the Flemish area. Associated Weavers, Balta, Beaulieu International Group, Coretec Floors, ITC, IVC Group, Lano Carpet Solutions, Modulyss, Ragolle and Unilin have joined forces to bring you new insights and present you the upcoming trends.

Unlike the longstanding traditional trade fairs, seriously hampered by the recent Covid-19 pandemic, this unique approach will allow you to extensively meet the people behind the products and give you a peek into their respective production facilities.

4 days of innovation

New materials, new applications, new decors and new production methods… the flooring world is constantly on the move. The participating companies will help you to keep up with all relevant changes, evolutions and consumer needs the flooring industry is to face in the near future.

Meetings, talks, presentations and hands-on workshops…innovation will be all around. Who knows, you might be treated on a scoop! These 4 days will fuel you with whatever you need to know to perfectly execute your projects or satisfy your customers.

For the first time ever, the largest players in the flooring industry join forces!