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We are ITC. We design and create broadloom and carpet tiles. Our flooring turns spaces into places where it’s comfortable to live and work. We innovate to inspire you. To make you feel at ease. We are ITC, we connect carpet with comfort.

New products

Satino collection

Today, customers are seeking plush softness in an array of colours, but also something that can stand up to a variety of environments. Once again, carpet has a place of prominence in interiors.

Satino is a collection out of polyamide, considered to be the finest yarn on the market that can handle a broad range of colours, and which can also provide a softer sensation. Each of the Satino carpets is a captivating work of art – dyed in vivid, nature-inspired hues, and featuring a distinctive satin finish that seems to shimmer. 

With springtime comes a time of cleansing revitalisation, a time to chase dreams. No better way to do so than with a Dolce carpet in shiny textiles, soft colour palettes, and subtle transparencies that will suffuse interior environments with something new.

In addition, the Lumina carpet is now available with a refined colour palette that calls to mind a sense of end-of-summer sophistication. As the sun sinks lower in the sky and the colder months approach, a Lumina carpet in softer, curved motifs that evoke elegance and well-being would offer a sense of contentment and reassurance for any inner sanctum.

Also available: the new Estrella carpet, part of the Satino collection, offers a more pronounced matte look, with less shininess. This is a sophisticated cut pile carpet that is available in an array of warming colours, offset with grey undertones that provide a sense of implicit elegance. 

Impress collection

In the converter market, ITC has its eye on another burgeoning macro-trend: people are seeking more and more of a personalised touch, with flooring solutions that will allow them to truly define spaces as their own. The textile manufacturer is ready to meet these demands as well with the Impress collection.

There are times when the design choice is to go all out, to elevate a space to something extraordinary, something fashioned to be, in a word, impressive. Enter the Impress collection. Constructed of tufted polyamide, this collection consists of Castor and Mehari products, both of which offer discrete prints combined with ton sur ton colours, and which can readily be converted into rugs. This is a truly premium and distinct flooring solution, and one that will hold up to the no-doubt high traffic from countless admirers.

Bringing nature into the home – Ritzy collection

It’s clear that more and more people are seeking relief from being confined to their homes. There is a rising trend towards living life’s moments outdoors, an urge to reconnect with nature. Some are so dedicated to that ideal that they seek to bridge their indoor and outdoor living spaces with, say, extension living rooms. 

ITC’s new Lycka product within the Ritzy collection is designed exactly for that ideal. This rattan-look carpet captures the organic beauty of nature and lays the foundation for a trendy and cheerful interior with this diagonally patterned carpet in stylish, light reed hues.

Legacy collection

Our long-standing expertise in the design and production of high-quality velours is translated in the stylish Legacy collection. The velvety structures and elegant colours bring true depth.

Marlene is a tactule and dense velour inspired carpet that evokes a classic, irregular look.  The subdued colour palette – from warm and tender to soft and moody – is embellished with an extra print, furnishing your favourite rooms with a stylish, slightly glamorous aura.