22.05 - 25.05.2023 10 showrooms in Flanders




Hi, we are modulyss. We make carpet tiles for a sustainable future and always aim to inspire. Yes, you've read it right: at modulyss, squares can be circular too!

We design, manufacture and supply high-quality carpet tiles for the international commercial market. We sell to more than 100 countries worldwide. Our production site is located in Zele and you can visit our showroom in Ghent. modulyss has over 200 employees. Since our formation in 2010, we have been pushing towards a combination of creativity, functionality and sustainability. The result? Modular flooring that matches the distinctive character of a space.

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Shaped by Flanders’ diverse landscapes, Heritage is deeply rooted in our rich history and culture. From the ever-changing coastline in the west, to the iconic cobblestone roads and the fertile polders more inland, these typical Flemish landscapes are translated into 5 tactile carpet tile designs: Cobbles, Haze, Dune, Meadow and Polder. Together they invite us to reflect on our roots, our identity, while also adding to the legacy that the next generation will inherit.

The &-collection group is our long-running coordinated approach to the way we design carpet tiles. Bold & vibrant, sophisticated & luxurious; & is a collection of styles that bring personality to every space. Choosing between five designs: Fashion&, Velvet&, Fluid&, Cambridge& and Perpetual&; 72 colours, there’s plenty of options to be found within the &-collection, but we  also offers a custom colour programme from 200m2. Ideal for specific branding or scheme requirements, the programme presents infinite design possibilities.