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Ragolle is a weaving mill that mainly weaves 3 types of rugs: 

  • Heatset Polypropylene and Polyester

  • Viscose 

  • Flatweave rugs in wool and polypropylene (the latter for indoor and outdoor use).

Ragolle is a textile company that was founded in 1950. Our passion for quality rugs arises from our love for design. We keep a close track of trends and colour forecasting and create rugs with a unique identity. Our rugs have charisma and the colours are tuned in a harmonious way.

As a flexible company, Ragolle is constantly striving for a balance between continuity, innovation and standardization. The symbiosis between research (quality and technology) and creativity (design and colours) lay the foundation for an economically relevant product. Ragolle strives to minimize the impact on the environment during the production. All our rugs are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

As a family business, 100% based in Belgium, Herman Verhelst, his wife Myriam Ragolle and their daughter Annemie are personally highly involved and engaged with the research and development.

New products

Fine Heatset & Frisé Polypropylene

We weave a wide range of heatset polypropylene and polyester rugs, both in medium pile and high pile, in fine straight yarn or twisted frisé. 


We are also specialized in viscose rugs, art silk in different pile heights and structures.

Flatweave (Wool or Polypropylene)

Our range goes from PP Outdoor rugs to high end woolen rugs with a handmade look.