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Condor Group


Condor Group: The future is coming

High-quality carpet for the finest homes, offices and hotels, upholstery for the finest car brands, FIFA-certified artificial turf or needle felt in complex infra works. When it comes to a textile (floor) solution, Condor Group provides the right answer. We have been creating, producing and supplying innovative products of Dutch top quality worldwide since 1992, offered at an internationally competitive price, but whilst doing what we do it’s time for the next big step!

With 100 years of experience within the Group and an annual production of 140 million m2, the Condor Group operates as one of Europe’s leading carpet manufacturers. That is why taking responsibility for conserving the planet has always been top-of-mind. The Condor Group has been working on clean energy, reusing waste, and recyclable products for quite some time now, but that was just the start. After our innovative one-DNA artificial grass and the world's first circular car mats, it’s time for the next novelty; circular carpet. Meet up with Condor Group at 22-25 May in the hotel Auberge du Pêcheur to see the future of our business in real life.


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