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COREtec Floors


COREtec® is an innovative, multilayer design floor with patented click profile that puts the world at your feet. COREtec® distinguishes itself on the market through the wide range of authentic and natural decors, the unique composition of the individual cores, its remarkable characteristics and its exceptional comfort.

The extensive range now consists of over 230 floors in different sizes and a unique colour palette.
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 COREtec® Floors, a proud division of Shaw Industries

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Extra long planks with high-end performance

When choosing a floor from this collection, you choose for a warm atmosphere and a powerful look. The exceptionally long planks are no less than 2.10 meters, 15 mm thick and 23 cm wide. Thanks to the extra thick wear layer of 0.8 mm, these classy floors score excellently in terms of wear and impact resistance. On top of that, all floors in this collection are 100% waterproof – perfect for wet rooms.

With the extra long planks of our XL-END collection, you can get the ultimate and exclusive feeling of space in your home. Perfect if you are looking for a floor that fits a large room or to create a more spacious feeling in a small room. Thanks to the embossed in register technology and the true-to-nature colour tones, these elegant and luxurious floors are indistinguishable from a real wooden floor. 

COREtec Stairs

Make your stairs the star of the show, in just one day !

With COREtec® Stairs you can give your stairs a new look in no time. Creating a seamless style between your stairs and flooring has never been easier. Your brand-new stair treads can be effortlessly matched with your existing COREtec® floors, both upstairs and downstairs.

With their high-quality 0.55 mm thick wear layers, COREtec® Stairs treads can certainly withstand a high degree of impact. This means that they are fully resistant to real family life with children and pets. Just like COREtec® flooring, the stair treads come with an integrated cork underlay and the Soundcore technology for sound absorption. As a result, the treads feel warm and quiet underfoot, making them very pleasant to walk on. The special COREtec® anti-slip layer also ensures the treads are completely safe. It is possible to extend the stair treads with built-in LED lighting, which is both pleasing to the eye and extremely practical.

Choosing from different styles, you can make your stairs indistinguishable from real wood or real stone. For a warm timber look, why not opt for ‘Meadow’, ‘Forest’, ‘Acorn’ or ‘Lumber’? Alternatively, ‘Matterhorn’ will have the beautiful appearance of a stone staircase. Professionals can renovate your stairs in just one day. With such a quick and easy revamping project, you can move on to the next renovation work you may have.

COREtec Stone - Ceratouch

COREtec® Stone is a downright gamechanger

COREtec® Stone CERATOUCH brings you the best of both worlds: the strength plus look and feel of a ceramic tile combined with the comfort and ease of installation of a COREtec® floor. CERATOUCH is available in a large number of designer-curated tile and stone designs and is 100% waterproof. 

COREtec® Stone is built around a high-density core composed of mineral particles, void of PVC. Its longevity is assured by multiple high-performance layers giving it a scratch resistance equal or better to that of a ceramic tile but without the brittleness of the latter. Accidental breakage during installation is excluded, which is a recurring problem with genuine ceramics.

The advanced CERAGUARD® technology is a protective stain-, scratch- and scuff resistant thermal resin top layer specifically developed for the COREtec® Stone collection.The matte, embossed finish gives COREtec® Stone its stunning true-to-nature look and feel and makes it virtually impossible to distinguish from a genuine stone or ceramic floor

Thanks to its secure tap angle system COREtec® Stone is self-aligning, is 100% waterproof and its slim, tight seams add to its natural and hyperrealistic look. In commercial applications, COREtec® Stone drastically reduces costly downtime ensuring same-day walk-on. CERATOUCH can be laid directly on top of an older floor or a slightly uneven surface without print-through.

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