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Founded in Belgium since 1934, OSTA is an authentic manufacturer of pure wool and man-made fiber rugs. Our name is established by 90 years of masterly excellence and experience in the weaving industry. We weave to order and keep part of our collection in stock to meet the demand for fast deliveries. The highly skilled in-house design team aspires to reinvent itself and refine the designs of today and tomorrow. Every day, our professional sales team gives the best of themselves and goes above and beyond to meet the clients needs. The entire OSTA team strives to provide the best quality and services for our partnerships around the world. Our weaving mill is based in Avelgem, mere minutes away from Oudenaarde, which is Flanders’ historical tapestry weaving center. We are proud to continue the fine art of weaving and keep this remarkable legacy alive.

New products


This versatile rug combines resilience with luxury. NOVA rugs are made with the purest wool combined with recycled polyester to add an elegant and colorful accent. The striking color pallet combines bright hues with beautiful neutrals. Wool is a natural product that’s ecological, self-cleaning and fire retardant. These wool rugs are also easy to maintain and resistant to everyday use.


The OREA rug takes you back in time to the origins of carpet making, when rugs were a form of traditional textile art. This rug is made in a Jacquard weave in which all the warp threads are hidden in the finished work. The depth and texture are achieved through the distinctive combination of warp and weft. With this exclusive and innovative technique we are able to create a wide range of colours and shades. Due to the high density and subtle use of the fine yarns, we create intricate and high-quality rugs to decorate your indoor living space decorate with and take it to the next level.


Pure and textured, RILA is made with the finest natural and eco-friendly materials. This rug is densely woven with premium quality wool and a hint of polyester and Decolan that gives it the right luster. The combination of the yarns ensures that furniture does not leave any pressure points marks. Besides that, wool has many advantages. It’s a natural product that’s ecological, self-cleaning and fire retardant. Therefore these pieces are easy to maintain and resistant to everyday use.